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Default Can't open file


I converted an mp4 file to avi, but trying to open it in TMPGenc 4 tells me:

Could not open the video part of the file D:\Mytest.avi
Only the audio part can be opened.

I assume this is because the file format isn't compatible. When I converted it from mp4 to avi there were many options, but I wasn't sure what was best.

Is there a minimum or recommended avi format that tMPGenc 4 likes?

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maybe installing ffdshow and configure it as decoder for the video format in question can help
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Another trick you can try that worked with the old TMPGEnc Plus was use a one line AviSynth script: AviSource("movie.avi") and save it as the same name as the .avi file but with an .avs extension. You need AviSynth installed but it's free. In fact some tools like SVCD2DVD have a button that just does that... wraps the input files in an .avs script to deal with finicky input files.
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My apologies to you both for the long delay, but I received no email and assumed no-one had replied.

I've just downloaded AviSynth258 but figuring out and running one line scripts might stump me. Can you give some newbie examples/advice please? Will it them allow tmpGenc to load the avi file?

Re ffdshow. Similarly I don't understand it's connection with tmpGenc.

These 'bad' avi files are play perfectly with VLC, but they won't load into tmpGenc. Nor will they play (from flash drive) via a Hyundai v6H Media player that connects to the TV. My aim is to get them into tmpGenc and perhaps save them in another format or spec that would then work on the Hyundai.

Most files are OK on it and I can't see what's wrong. For example,
1280x544 pixels, 128k audio and 25 frames per second 1979 kbps data rate fails.
616x336 pixels 128k audio and 23 frames per second 1034 kbps data rate is OK.

Is the problem frame rate, pixels, data rate - or something else?

My thanks for any further info.
Cheers - Kirk
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For the AviSynth one liner, you shouldn't need to do anything. Just accept the defaults during install. If the .avi file is named Movie.avi then in any plain text editor, such as Notepad, type a one line script as follows:

and save it as Movie.avs in the same folder as Movie.avi.

Try to open Movie.avs in Tmpg.

An alternative, instead of AviSource is:

either one should work if you have DirectShow installed. The AviSource() is older and sort of deprecated, but most likely to work.

I don't have your software to try so I don't know if it supports source resolutions greater than standard DVD (720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC.) Try the AviSynth script first. If that doesn't work then maybe it's something related to hidef but at least you will have a branch in the diagnoses. A direction to pursue.

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I converted an mp4 file to avi
What is the codec used in the avi ?

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