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Default Norway: ISPs Not Responsible For Customer's Copyright Infringment

The entertainment industry has been dealt a blow in Norway as a court has ruled that ISPs are not in a position to determine the legality of websites, and therefore, cannot be forced to block websites which are deemed by the entertainment industry as unacceptable. The website is question was, of course, The Pirate Bay.

The court said that is was "unnatural" to assign the responsibility of evaluating the legality of a website to the ISP, as this is the domain of government and the legal establishment.

Telenor's spokesman Atle Lessum welcomed the decision and rejected this sort of censorship, and the shifting of responsibility to ISPs. "You can not sue a ladder manufacturer because someone used one of his ladders to commit a burglary," said Mr Lessum.

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Lord of Digital Video
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yea!!! maybe that will start to happen in the US also.
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You can not sue a ladder manufacturer because someone used one of his ladders to commit a burglary," said Mr Lessum.

Gotta admit..
that one makes more sense than I have heard in a while...
The MPAA Lawyers keep probing and digging to find a loophole somewhere to make someone responsible for copyright infringement [ understandable] but the grasping of straws can be comical at times along with 'each years grosses are higher' than the previous and on the other side of there mouth, they are negative billions each year due to illegal copyright infridgement which now appears to be aimed more at bittorent than actuall disk copy....

I still feel that a small tax, say $10 a month paid by all file sharers for an "all you can eat menu" would be the way to go and I would be the 1st to pay..
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One nice thing with being outside of the EU, you don't need to follow all idiotic rulings in the EU parliament.
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