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Default Windows 7 Blu-ray Bug Means An Expensive Waste

A newly discovered bug in the Windows 7's native Blu-ray burning function means that owners of Blu-ray burners may be facing an obscure error message when trying to burn files that are larger than a certain size, causing failed burns on expensive Blu-ray discs.

Windows 7 upped support for Blu-ray by including burning support from right within the Windows Explorer interface. This allowed users to burn Blu-ray data discs without having to purchase a third party software, like Nero.

However, the bug, which Microsoft officially acknowledged this week with a newly added support document, will make burning operations fail if users try to write more than 22GB to a single layered BD-R, or more than 45GB to a dual layered disc.

But instead of offering a patch, a hotfix or a solution to the problem, Microsoft's only suggestion for now is to work around the bug by not burning more than 22GB or 45GB for dual-layer discs. Microsoft has not suggested a timeline for a fix, or even if that a fix is coming at all.

The bug may be related to the way Windows uses GiB notation (where 1 GiB is 1024 MiB, and 1 MiB is 1024 KiB and 1 KiB is exactly 1000 Bytes - in standard GB notation, 1 GB is 1000 MB ... and so 1 KB is 1000 Bytes), as Blu-ray's 25GB capacity translates to 23.3GiB, and if the Windows burner confuses the notations, then it could allow files over 23.3GiB to be burned, which would then subsequently fail (as expected).

While the workaround does "solve" the problem, users unaware of the posted support document may still run into the same problems, and end up wasting time and expensive BD-Rs, that is, if they don't want to invest in a third party solution (which does not necessarily have to be a paid for app, for example, the free ImgBurn supports Blu-ray burning).
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Wow, I didn't even know Windows 7 supported native Blu-Ray burning. I never use the built-in data burning software, just because I don't trust it to not make coasters, that being said I have Nero so that's what I end up using.

ImgBurn for videos and ISO images, Nero for audio CDs and data discs - that's my general rule. Even so, I don't see much of a point in using BD-R discs to backup data, with the prices of flash drives and portable hard drives these days
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I've never used the Windows built-in burner for anything before either, except I think once, I used it to erase a re-writable CD (it worked).

But it's still a silly bug that Microsoft really should fix, because it doesn't sound like a difficult one to fix (they may even have simply . In fact, native BD-R support was added in Vista SP2 with the same bug, and the W7 team simply ported over the same feature, bugs included.

Having thought more about it, I'm not sure if the bug simply confuses GB with GiB (Microsoft tends to use GiB notation - 25GB is only 23.3 GiB, but maybe Microsoft allows burns over 23.3 GiB thinking Blu-ray's actual capacity is 25 GiB, and then fails the burn, as would be expected when the Windows 7 burner tries to write more than what the disc can accept). I've revised the news article a bit to reflect this "theory".
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