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blutach 7 Apr 2005 06:05 PM

FAQ: The Golden Rules of Burning
FAQ: The Golden Rules of Burning

There as been a lot written over and over and over and over about how to maximise your chances of having a successful burn.

I thought a real quick and easy summary might be in order.

1. Buy good media (like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim) that is suited to your burner AND players (see here). In particular, steer clear of cheap stuff like CMC Magnetics. Cheap media is the major source of burning problems.

ONLY use Verbatim +R disks for dual layer burns - get the +R ones, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore.

(Note: Disks with the media ID code of Ritek G05 have proven to be quite variable in quality).

2. Make sure your burner's firmware is up to date (see here).

3. Make sure DMA is on for all devices on all IDE channels (see here).

4. Burn at 4x max (8x on really good media). It only takes an extra few minutes.

If you got the above 4 things down pat, you'll probably never have another burn error!!!

5. Do not try to set the booktype (bitsetting) on -R disks (see here).

6. Don't try to burn -R disks in a burner that will only take +R (and vice-versa).

7. If you burn with Nero, make sure it is up to date (download package 1 here) and because InCD has been known to conflict, remove it (use the InCD Clean Tool).

Better still, burn ISO images with ImgBurn and avoid Nero altogether. ImgBurn is free!!

8. Verify afterwards and test your burn.

9. Don't ever put adhesive labels on your burned disks .

10. USB burners have their own special intricacies - make sure you have a USB 2 port, connect no other USB devices and burn slowly (preferably 1x) - see here for more info.
Links to all this stuff can be found in my signature.

Also, to interpret your particular burn error, please see this FAQ.

Happy and successful burning!!!!

Mig$y 8 Apr 2005 08:38 AM

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