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blutach 8 Mar 2005 08:41 PM

FAQ: How to find out your Media ID Code (and firmware version)
FAQ: How to find out your media ID code and firmware version

Many issues concerning DVD copying have to do with the media you use and your firmware version.

Here's a super easy way of determining both in one step.

1. Pop a blank disk in your DVD writer

2. Open ImgBurn and go to Write mode

ImgBurn will show you all you need (see the following diagram for an example)

In this case, the media is a +R disc, its ID is (Verbatim) MCC-003-00 and my burner is an TSST Corp (Samsung) SH-S203B with firmware version SB04 on a SATA (RAID) controller.

Simple, isn't it?

Now, when folks on the forums ask for this info, it's only a second away.


cynthia 9 Mar 2005 03:46 AM

Is there an update for my installed firmware?

From the ImgBurn menu:

Tools → Drive → Check for firmware updates...

This will take you to where you can see if there's a later official firmware for your burner.

cynthia 9 Mar 2005 11:31 AM

This thread has been closed/locked, as it is for information purposes only. If you have a question regarding this thread. Please start a new thread in the Blank Media and Burning sub-forum.

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