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blutach 19 Mar 2005 10:45 PM

FAQ: How to save hundreds of Mb by just displaying cast in credits
How to save hundreds of Mb by just displaying the cast in the credits (as a still without audio)

This is for everyone who likes to do a full backup, but wants to kill the credits and still display the cast! I think that it gives a nicer feel than the movie just ending abruptly after the final scene without credits


Tools used (all freeware - click on my signature):
  1. Set up a new folder on the desktop - call it anything (let's call it TEMP)
  2. Open your DVD in PgcEdit. Find your main movie's title (this will usually be obvious because of the length of the title). Right click on it and select Domain Stream Attributes. Take a note of the Video Attributes (e.g 16:9 automatic letterbox). Also note the number of its VTST (e.g. the title is VTST 4,1 means VTS 4)
  3. Now click Preview --> PGC and scroll through to the screen which shows the principal cast members. Use the > and < buttons to position it just right
  4. When you have it as you want it, click on BMP and save it as a bitmap on your desktop, naming it anything you like
  5. Close PgcEdit and open Muxman. Click on the 3 dots to the right of Video and select the BMP you created of the cast on your desktop. This will bring up a file list - just click Close
  6. Next, click on the 3 dots to the right of Destination folder and select TEMP (which you created in step 1)
  7. Click Start and Muxman will create a little DVD for you in TEMP
  8. Close Muxman and open the DVD in TEMP in PgcEdit. Right click on Title 1, select Domain Stream Attributes and change the video attributes to match what you noted in step 2
  9. Save (Ctrl-S) and exit PgcEdit
  10. Now, open your original DVD (the one with the movie) in VobBlanker. Tick Use Input Folder, Untick Process Menus, Click on Skip All
  11. Now click on the Titleset containing the main movie (this will be the same as the VTST number you determined in step 2) and click Process
  12. You will now need to cut out the credits. Do this by clicking on the movie title and clicking on the Prev/Cut button. A guide for cutting a PGC with VobBlanker can be found here
  13. Alternatively, if the credits are in a cell of their own (this often happens), you can blank the cell. See this guide (Note: The only relevant part of that guide is the part entitled Cell Blanking towards the end)
  14. After VobBlanker has done its work, you will have a shorter DVD (by the length of the credits) and it will be several hundred Mb less!! :)
  15. Close VobBlanker and re-open the DVD in PgcEdit
  16. Go back to the movie title and click on it. Now, click Macros --> Import Title's Closing Clip. Insert a time for the credits to display - I usually use 15 seconds - remember it's just one screen
  17. Now click on Try to Clone the original title behavior. Then click Continue
  18. In the next screen that appears, navigate to TEMP and select VTS_01_0.IFO. On the next screen click Copy VOB
  19. That's it - you're done!! PgcEdit imports the title containing the still of your credits and creates a new one in your main project DVD. Save (Ctrl-S) and play to test in your software player
  20. Finally, you can now delete TEMP and the BMP on your desktop
You can do this as many times you like with as many still screens as you please

As usual, please direct questions to the forums in this thread, not this FAQ

cynthia 5 Apr 2005 12:29 PM

This thread has been closed/locked, as it is for information purposes only. If you have a question regarding this thread. Please start a new thread in the Authoring and Editing forum.

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