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Ruffcriz 29 Nov 2017 05:13 PM

Nero to burn my ebooks to a DVD, got this problem. help? thanks
Hello friends ,

If this post does not make any sense to you for any reason, please feel free to ask me to clarify anything you need. Its hard to explain what happened to me this time with Nero Express, but I think I do a pretty OK job explaining it here.

I was stupid in that I did not save any kind of log of the burn, sorry I usually do. However, you should know everything went according to plan and Nero Express said it had burning successfully. I used Nero Express this time to burn some ebooks I bought over the years, I wanted to make a backup onto a DVD-RW . However, three books for example shrunk their original file names AFTER the burning process and I don't know why. This is the title name of one of the ebooks that went wrong after burning with Nero Express:

_ZYLIN~1.PDF ( This is exactly how it looks on my DVD-RW right now. )

Why did it change the original files name? The original file name was much longer by the way, it had the books title and author listed in the PDF and now this, why? Why did it change to that? ZYLIN is part of the authors name by the way, but not his full name. The PDF file opens fine, but still I would like to know why Nero changed only three of the thirty file names I burned to the DVD?

Thanks folks :-)


Would you recommend I continue to use Nero Express to burn my ebooks? Or is there a better software out there for burning ebooks especially or is all burning software essentially the same? Thanks :-)

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