Request: Making a trailer 4K

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  • fahoodi
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    • Jul 2023
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    Request: Making a trailer 4K

    Hello all!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place. but I just discovered 4K Plus Trailers & Clips Channel and it is amazing!

    I really have a request for a trailer that can be converted to 4K. This specific version of the trailer has not been published in the U.S.
    It is Trailer esteso for Barbie Il Film
    I would really appreciate any help to make this trailer 4K.

  • admin
    • Nov 2001
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    Hi. Someone else actually runs that channels, but normally they would require the ProRes studio master version of the trailer in order to make a 4K version, and I don't think these are available for foreign language trailers.
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    • Trailer_fan
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      Junior Member
      • Aug 2023
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      Interesting question though. The problem is, if you go for another language it's more unlikely that somebody has the file. The ProRes should exist on Warner Italy but you'd need somebody with access to the Italian press server. And then you'd need somebody who makes those conversions. The amount of people who do that for English trailers is already limited. And then you'd still be left with just an upscale of your trailer.

      For Warner I'd recommend to start from the DCP directly. It would include the 5.1 Audio automatically and Warner DCPs are typically 4K anyway. Uploading that to YouTube though would be a waste of work as the compression would kill all the benefits. So the trailer you're looking for would be a custom conversion. I might be able to help you with that but in General don't expect different languages to become an option.