"runtime error" please help!

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  • bballer22
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    Junior Member
    • Apr 2005
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    "runtime error" please help!

    I got Xvid video and it just wont play on anything! I dl Nimo, Xvid, Dvix and just wont play!
    Now i dl ACE Mega Codec Pack, and it told me to delete all those prog! and now when i try to play this vid it give me runtime error, saying
    Run Time Error 'ACE Mega Codec Pack/mediaplayerclassic/mplayer.exe"

    Can someone please help wit this problem!

    Thnank you
  • LT. Columbo
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    • Nov 2004
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    try ffddshow.....i use ace xp also with mpc. i can play anything.

    uninstall all that crap and start with ffddshow/ koepi's latest build xvid codec 1.0.3....
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