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  • ppeter78
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    • Sep 2012
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    dvd shrink

    Hi im using dvd shrink and trying to back up dvds but lately dvd shrink says the disk size is 10-14gb. thats with all the other languages removed subtitles gone and everything shrunk as small as i can shrink it.

    Does anyone know whats going on?? When i check the property's of the dvd its 7.95gb so why does dvd shrink say otherwise.. I also have the full nero 15 and 16 suite too so if theres something else i can be doing let me know!

    i uploaded a screen shot

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  • CWright
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    • Feb 2020
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    You need to click reauthor. As an attempt to keep us from copying the movie, many of the new DVD's have quite a few files in the Main movie section. You must search each one until you find the one with a correct looking beginning scene and then check to see if the particular version has credits at the very end. If not, keep searching until you find the correct one. Someone else may have a better method, but I know this works.