Encoding for grannys DVD player

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  • tnsten
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    • Nov 2015
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    Encoding for grannys DVD player


    I bought my grandmother a DVD player. She is too frail to visit, so I thought I would make videos with my phone. But the video format is not supported by the DVD player I got for her. Amateur mistake!

    What I am trying right now is using Handbrake to transcode it into something supported by the DVD player. I can unfortunately not link the specs but it is a Philips DVP2850.

    Now to my question: What does the container option in handbrake do? My choices are mp4 and mkv. None of which are a supported file format for the player, or a supported "system". Does this setting matter? Do I need to use another program to transcode the video? I would rather get it right the first time since I need to send the disks 1000 km to test it.

    Any help would be appreciated.