Divxland Media Subtitler keeps crashing

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  • Velexa
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    Junior Member
    • Jun 2011
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    Divxland Media Subtitler keeps crashing

    So I have an AVI file and I'm trying to get it to play in the Divxland Media Subtitler, but it won't play. Every time I press play, it crashes. I downloaded that gspot software and it says I have all the appropriate codecs. When I try to render it there, it also crashes. What's wrong? What do I do? I'm trying to add subs to the video, but I need it to play first. HELP PLEASE!!!
  • soofie
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    Junior Member
    • Feb 2013
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    Video won't play - It's a bug

    If you get an error message when you hit the play button on the videoplayer, just hit play again. The error shouldn't appear the second time. I had the same problem and the second press (or OCD maneuver) works for me.