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  • Charon9
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    • Jun 2006
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    Lumixsoft (publisher)

    Seems that Lumixsoft is pulling a bait and switch with their software, you can find it as different sets of FLV converters in the software section.

    While they list the software as FREE it is in fact crippleware / shareware - IE: It works for ## of conversions and then shuts down with a BUY NOW SCREEN taking you to link removed the page where you can then pay to continue using the software. While the software works to convert FLV's it is lacking the features I would want to see for the money.

    not sure if anything pisses me off more than a Bait and Switch. Maybe an Admin will yank the software till it is listed properly.

    Just a warning
    Last edited by blutach; 5 Apr 2009, 11:24 PM. Reason: link removed - we wouldn't want to give these bastards a link to click!!!
  • admin
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    Didn't realise it was crippleware. All software removed. Don't like software publishers that mislead, especially when they "hide" the "Buy Now" link on their website.

    Plenty of true freeware alternatives anyway like Super.
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    • johny09
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      • Oct 2009
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      Thank you if you want to know more details here....