what happened to the dvd ripping forums

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  • MikeyBK
    Digital Video Maniac
    • Feb 2006
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    Thanks Admin and Les, for clarifying a few things for me and the links.
    Locoeng has brought a bit of info to me which has made my prespective much clearer on everything that has transpired, and I now fully understand the magnitude...

    I let my frustration get to me, of the old DVF being, what I felt, as taken away from me. I really loved this forum, I still do, but could not help but notice many of the regular members, logging on less and less.
    I plan to continue my participation on this forum and I offer my sincerest apologies for failing to see your side of it more clearly.

    BTW...DVDFlick 'was' a bad example...lol

    A second BTW...Chewy, you're still 'da man' to me...for all things hardware...lol

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    Patriot eXtreme Performance (2 x 1GB) DDR2 SDRAM
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    • soup
      Just Trying To Help
      • Nov 2005
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      I can't remember speaking in this thread. Although I agree with the comments regarding the hard work & effort put in here by some great people that I have come to like & admire & I think that it is great that people have a thread here where they can express their opinion, good or bad, as long as it doesn't break rule #19. When I signed up I agreed to abide by the rules of the Forum, I can't remember it saying, if the rules change, you don't need to follow them. I truly think that admin is doing whatever he can to keep this Forum alive under extreme pressure, which I admit, I have no idea what it feels like or what it costs but as my sticking around suggests, I fully support those efforts. The only way you move forward is one step at a time.


      • Vip
        • Apr 2004
        • 55

        Well im staying put, I dont care less about the folders that have gone. Dont get me wrong they were a huge help but that wasnt all this forum was about.
        Im staying because of the great help here, Chewy, admin, blutact and others have helped me out when I ask the most stupid of question and are always there when im in trouble.

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        • admin
          • Nov 2001
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          I think on that positive note (thanks Vip), it's time to close the thread. Everything that can be said has been said, sometimes many times over.

          It's been fun
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