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  • billbrooks
    started a topic Panasonic DMR-BWT800

    Panasonic DMR-BWT800

    Can anyone point me to some software that will enable me to play files recorded on the above PVR on my PC?
    I can transfer them via Mediamonkey but the files are listed as type 'undefined' on the PC and appear as type 'music' on the PVR, which confuses me no end as they are all videos!
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  • teamfischer
    started a topic Trouble using DVD Flik

    Trouble using DVD Flik

    Hi All,
    I am having trouble burning a dvd using DVD Flik. Hopefully someone has the answer. Here is where I am at.

    I own a ZI8 from Kodak. I take video of my baby I am told it is only directly compatible with Apple, not Microsoft, because it is .mov (not certain). Therefore I...
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  • levyrob1
    started a topic Video Conversion help

    Video Conversion help

    I have a client who is sitting on terabytes of old multibitrate Real Video files. Does anybody know of a way to convert these into a more flexible format?

    Best case solution would be linux and scriptable so I could incorporate it into my current ffMpeg workflow.

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  • ChEpU
    started a topic Help MKV to AVI audio DTS

    Help MKV to AVI audio DTS

    Hi to all,

    I have a problem, need to convert ,mkv file with DTS audio into a .AVi.

    Can anybody recomend a god software?

    Thanks in advance

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  • jasonsmmnds
    started a topic BNC to Ferral

    BNC to Ferral

    I used to work for a local tv station but it has been a long time and I have not done much with video since. I am working with a guy to install two projectors he wants to change from BNC to ferral then back to BNC. I remeber that this conversion dosnt work one way but I dont know if it is BNC to ferral...
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  • Can an NTSC video be played at PAL frame rate [or vice versa]

    Before anyone leaps on this, I'm not talking about NTSC to PAL conversion.

    I was wondering if anyone might know how to allow a video with 29.97 fps to play those same frames at 25 fps, effectively extending the video's duration

    This is an idea I've been batting around for...
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  • compressing or combining .bup .vob and .ifo

    Hello i have a bunch of movies that were changed into these 3 types, ive figured out how to get them to play but is there a way to compress/combine it into 1 easy to use file, continue to have them working menu's and what not. 2nd maybe make them smaller so they take up less space on the HDD. more over...
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