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  • KovarishxD
    started a topic XviD and Xvid

    XviD and Xvid

    Hi all !!

    I work for a brazilian enterprise. We have an AVI recorder service wrote several years ago, and the code of the service has been lost.
    The problem is that it uses the "XviD MPEG-4 Codec", and this name is hard coded. Now, we install Xvid in our machines, and the...
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  • tsspc
    started a topic russian fonts

    russian fonts

    sirs, do you know right codec-(windows) or encoding for russian fonts. I am trying to encode russian subtitles with the mpeg file. But fonts are damaged. xvid 1.2.2 codec is not enough also tried Cole 2k Media Codec Pack. My Encoding program is XviD 4PSP 5.0.
    The srt text can be only saved as...
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  • WMP 12 going nuts. How to troubleshoot?


    I'm new to this forum and I'm really far from being an expert in digital video/audio. Recently I've hit a problem with playing DivX and XVid files on a box recently updated to Windows 7 32-bit Home.

    The WMP 12 plays the files normally until I try to navigate using the...
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  • Screen flickers when it's mostly black or white (on laptop with shared memory)

    Well, so video starts to flicker when the screen is more than about 80% black, or white.

    I think it has to do with the fact that my laptop shares its video memory and RAM.

    I can't remember this was the case in the beginning, so maybe It's got to do with a codec I installed/deinstalled....
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  • Cerebrus
    started a topic Resizing a video *prior to* compression

    Resizing a video *prior to* compression

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here although I've been lurking around similar forums for a while now. I'm not completely new to video encoding, having done a few encodes and I understand the basics. I have a lot of AVI movies that are usually around 2 CD's in size (1.4 GB, already XviD...
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  • st_adamin
    started a topic AutoGK Compression

    AutoGK Compression

    This is probably the first and most faqqed question. Is it possible that I can write to a raw avi with AutoGK (disable the compression but do everything else), or override the compression settings vDubMod when used by autogk?

    I know that vDubMod can write raw avis, but it lacks many of...
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  • Help: Blue vertical stripe in XviD avi during playback

    Hello everyone,
    I'm having trouble with the playback of an XviD avi movie file I just downloaded. The file plays. The problem is that there is a blue stripe about an inch wide that runs vertically through the picture for the entire duration of the movie. The stripe is located about a third of...
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  • Quality --> XVID-80% --versus-- Transcoding DVD (with deep analysis)?

    Hi there... I've been transcoding some video to:

    -DVD-5 format (eg. 1,05 gig)
    -XVID format (using AGK, 80% quality setting) (eg. 856 MB)

    I've played both next to each other and didn't notice any difference really. My wife commented the XVID version seemed a little...
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  • guiri9
    started a topic VirtualDub Error

    VirtualDub Error

    Hi all!

    I keep getting this message when i try to open an .avi file with VirtualDub-1.9.0

    What should i do?

    Thanks all...
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