Hacker Turns Down Sony Job Offer In Protest of Geohot Treatment

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    • Nov 2001
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    Hacker Turns Down Sony Job Offer In Protest of Geohot Treatment

    Android hacker Koushik Dutta has turned down a potentially lucrative job offer from Sony because he, "in good conscience", cannot work at Sony due to the company's "recent treatment of fellow hacker, George Hotz (@geohot")". Sony recently sued geohot for his efforts on jailbreaking the PS3.

    Koushik Dutta publishes a blog detailing Android hacking techniques, and it is his work here that has attracted Sony's attention, offering the hacker a Software Engineering job at Sony's R&D team.

    Geohot once taunted Sony by saying that the company should hire him, not sue him, if they really wanted to protect the PS3 against hacking. Sony is actually using this email against geohot in the PS3 jailbreaking trial as evidence of geohot's intentions to blackmail Sony for financial reasons.

    Screenshots of the actual email exchange between Sony and Dutta can be seen below:

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  • drfsupercenter
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    • Oct 2005
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    Nice, I wish more people were like this guy.

    Koushik Dutta is the guy who makes ROM Manager and ClockworkModRecovery for Android phones, a program I regularly use to back up my phone's image in case something breaks. Just imagine if Google were to offer him a job, LOL
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