Continuous flow of video

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  • ronkleim
    Junior Member
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2011
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    Continuous flow of video

    I add several clips to DVD flick, add subtitles to each.
    The DVD stops and goes to the subtitle menu after each clip.
    What settings can I use to get each clip to play one after another?
    I only need the subtitle menu to come on once, then play all clips
    with subtitles!

  • MilesAhead
    • Nov 2006
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    I usually drag & drop video files onto DVD Flick because I don't care if it creates multiple titles. But I think if you use the Add Title button you can select multiple files to merge into one title.

    If that's what you are doing already then all I can think of would be something like PgcEdit to control how the menus work after DVD Flick creates a VIDEO_TS folder.

    Most of the time I don't even bother with menus in DVD Flick so I'm hoping someone more Flick experienced will chime in.