Netbook and SUPER don't mix

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    Netbook and SUPER don't mix

    2009 Acer netbook w/XP SP3 meets all disclosed and/or previously SUPER loading prompt rqmts, but SUPER version 36 loads and the working widow's page is neatly 'cut off' (S's window border appears in tact, but everything below the pane where any imported files are displayed, ie; S's missing the encode buttons).

    I posted this issue before when I tried v35 and earlier versions that would actually install on the netbook XP SP3 OS and to my knowledge, nobody's come up with an explanation which might indoicate 'the issue may not be with SUPER' as opposed to some sort of misconfigured netbook display sizing.

    Certainly the place to start, is to find out if anyone can run S' on a netbook, an Acer XP SP3 user, would be the ideal person to comment.

    Either this netbook's small display screen, SUPER's potential/apparent inflexibility, or perhaps some netbook display setting mustbe the problem.

    Currently all I can do is work around the issue by using an external monitor.

    Not to mix topics, but oddly neither my IE7 or Portable Chrome browsers can load the SUPER forum (the SUPER forum's page just never finishes loading) supposedly at...

    SUPER © is a free enhanced 3D video converter encoder player recorder. It has built in all the required video codecs and audio codecs to encode from and into any possible multimedia format in 2D or in 3D. Rendered output files for PC, iPhone, Xbox, Android, PS3..

    I guess the link's bad (as obtained at the eyerightsoft home page), but even googling for another link doesn't get me to S's forum. Maybe the S' forum's dead and eyerightsoft's site is neglecting the page's update?
    Hap-e-trailz, YWG