Problem with moving one frame at a time

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  • pyrrhus
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    • Jul 2010
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    Problem with moving one frame at a time

    I'm having a problem that I can't get my head around

    When I'm in cut-edit mode, I want to navigate through the video file one frame at a time. If however, I go back one frame, to one I have previously just viewed.. it is not what it should be.

    For example.. lets say frames 1-150 are of a dog, at which point it changes scene and frames 151-300 are of a cat. I can be moving along one frame at a time, frame #150 will display a dog, and stepping to #151 will show a cat (as expected). However, if I then step back to frame #150, I'll still see the cat! I'll need to go back around another five frames (#145) until the dog reappears.

    I used to use TMPGEnc a lot, but haven't used it for a while. I'm certain I never used to experience this!

    Can anyone shed any light?