Black Friday 2020: Blu-ray Sales Down 56%

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    Black Friday 2020: Blu-ray Sales Down 56%

    Blu-ray sales during the 2020 Black Friday event, the first Black Friday event to occur during a pandemic, has dropped by more than 56% compared to last year's event.

    DVD sales also declined, by 62.5%, making this year's event the worst Black Friday on record for disc sales.

    A combination of lack of hit releases in 2020, store closures, the economic downturn, and the steady decline of physical media all contributed to these set of poor results.

    Black Friday in 2019 recorded $79 million in Blu-ray sales and $96 million in DVD sales, but this year's Black Friday sales saw Blu-ray revenue plummet to $34 million, with DVDs having recorded an even bigger fall to $36 million, for a combined loss of more than $105 million.

    Black Friday 2019 was already 20% down compared to Black Friday 2018, largely down to physical media falling out of favor with consumers, but this year's almost 60% fall was unprecedented.

    Blu-ray sales have already been down significantly throughout 2020, mainly due to the lack of major theatrical releases that get eventually released on home video. Weekly sales analysis shows that at several points this year, Blu-ray revenue fell to levels not seen since 2009.

    You can find the full revenue report for Black Friday 2020 here.
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