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  • DVD Flick & ImgBurn Error "there doesn't appear to be enough space on the disk to ...

    I'm using DVD Flick to convert a (5.191) GB 720p BluRay DD5 1 x264 to a (4.3) GB DVD PAL and as you can see in the image, the target size of the conversion is DVD 4.3 GB. After the encoding finishes *4 hours later) I find that the converted iso or [Audio_ts] + [Video_ts] have 4.8 GB each so when imgburn...
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  • sequelstudios
    started a topic DVD Flick Chapter Creation

    DVD Flick Chapter Creation

    Hey folks,

    Just found this forum and thought I'd give my question a shot here. I used DVD Flick for the first time the other night. It was a pretty great and easy to use program, however I had one re-occurring issue that I could not get worked out.

    I tried using both methods...
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  • Diverman2010
    started a topic A problem with DVD creation

    A problem with DVD creation

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any of you could possibly help me with a problem that has stopped me from being able to create a DVD. Just before the DVD is created and the burning starts, an error message pops up. It says:

    DVD Flick error log
    Version build...
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  • jonnyD
    started a topic DVD Flick menu problem

    DVD Flick menu problem

    I made a DVD with 10 episodes on it and a simple template menu in DVD Flick version The menu works fine on my computer. When I put it in my stand-alone DVD player it does not.

    When I press the button "DVD Menu" on the remote, first comes up a screen that says "AUDIO...
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  • lee.edmond
    started a topic Why won't my DVD+R burn

    Why won't my DVD+R burn

    I am new to DVD Flick. I have attempted four times now to take some video files off of one CD (which won't play in my players) and burn them onto a another CD. Flick always tells me that my project has completed. I have tried creating an ISO as well as just burning directly to disc. But I only have...
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