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  • JawsTheme
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    • Aug 2007
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    Home Media Center solution

    I am looking for a home Media Center solution that can do the following things:

    1. Record live TV to an internal HDD or a network share on a PC or NAS
    2. Stream video and music from a networked PC or NAS
    3. Show pictures from a networked PC or NAS
    4. Possibly browse the Internet (this is not necessary but would be nice)
    5. Show podcasts and online TV (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc)
    6. Weather
    7. RSS (not necessary)

    I'm not really sure what I am looking at or where I can figure out if this will work. I have been looking at various hardware and software solutions, including:

    1. Popcorn Hour A-110
    2. Neuros Link
    3. 2Wire Media Portal?
    4. Sling Media Sling Catcher
    5. SageTV
    6. AppleTV
    7. PS3
    8. Xbox 360

    1. XBMC
    2. Elisa Media Center
    3. Boxee
    4. Orb
    5. MythTV
    6. Xbox with the Xbox Media Extender?

    Not sure what option would be the best. I realize a few of the items I named can't record live TV. I really don't know how to proceed with this. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!!!