What is XviD ?

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    What is XviD ?

    XviD is DivX spelt backwards. Is XviD the opposite of DivX? Yes and No.

    What is it ?
    XviD is another MPEG-4 based codec just like DivX (both can output files that are not MPEG-4 compatible, but can also easily output files that are), and in fact, both are based on the same source code developed under Project Mayo.

    Is it free ?
    DivX is a commercial closed-source codec, while XviD is open-source. Both are free for personal use, while there are currently no plans I am aware of for XviD to have commercial license agreements.

    User Friendliness
    DivX is probably more user friendly, one of the things necessary to become a successful commercial application. XviD is more technical with greater room for tweaking, and therefore, a favorite of more experienced users.

    Performance wise, I can't really tell which is better on my PIII-1GHz machine.

    Which is better ?
    XviD 1.0 now is more MPEG-4 oriented than DivX 5, and hence, has more MPEG-4 options.

    Which is better depends on your personal preference, although some have suggested XviD gives a sharper image (but this depends on what settings you used under XviD).

    What about the audio ?
    XviD is a video only codec - you'll need to use another codec (eg. MP3, WMA) for the audio (this goes for both playback and encoding).

    Where can I download XviD ?
    Download the installable binaries for XviD here :
    Download the Xvid Codec, an open source MPEG-4 codec for encoding and decoding (playback)

    Where can I read more ?
    Have a look at my XviD Setup/Reference Guide :
    Tells you what the settings for the Xvid codec means, and which one you should enable or disable, and how to do 2-pass encoding with it.

    OR the official XviD development site :

    OR Koepi's XviD Options Explained Document :

    OR search the net for XviD using Google :
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