Output AVI keeps saving 'persistent' frames that I DELETED?!

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  • Grace_Matthews
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    • Dec 2010
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    Output AVI keeps saving 'persistent' frames that I DELETED?!

    They are persistent in the sense that no matter what I do I can't delete them...

    It only happens to some of the AVIs I've thrown at VirtualDub and it is annoying as hell, I am willing to accept that it is down to something I am (or rather, what I am not) doing.

    I delete a segment, then save the AVI, but when I open the file I just saved...those few seconds are still there!

    With my DVD rip of Ninja Scroll it kept over ten seconds on one episode!
    Somehow I managed to stop it...maybe I deleted a key frame? I am guessing this...I deleted a few seconds more off the start of the episode and it finally accepted that it was gone.
    I'm just not sure why it is doing this...
    To maintain synch?

    I have decided to chop off the opening and closing sequences off my stuff because, well, watching an archived series with the title song, closing credits every episode AND 'previously on...' and 'next time on...' is insane.
    I'll save well over four hundred GBs doing this (an estimate I came to that will be quite quite incorrect)...which is BEFORE I convert...but why is it doing this?

    For my Dexter it is only about a second or so at the start of the file...it is Variable Audio...but Ninja Scroll has no excuse.

    It's driving me mad!

  • Redbird14
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    • Jul 2009
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    VD starts any saved segment at the previous keyframe. If you're starting your segment to be saved between keyframes, you'll get what you want plus anything earlier in the video back to the previous keyframe.

    One solution is to run one pass of VD inserting keyframes every 3 or 5 frames. And how exactly you do this will depend on the output codec you use. You check and set the Force Keyframes Every ___ on the bottom of the 'select video compression' selection box and there may be additional settings depending on the codec you choose. With DIVX, for example, you set the 'max keyframe interval' on the codec tab.

    After doing this, you can select what you want from the subsequent output file knowing at most you'll get 2-4 extra frames at the beginning.

    VD does end the output where you specify whether at a keyframe or not.

    I'm a relative VD newbie so there may be better solutions than this one but it works for me.