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burning problem

  • DVD Burns but end of movie cut off.

    I've managed to burn avi files into DVD format and burn the disc using DVDFlick software. However when the DVD is played back on the player all the movies are cut off at the end. The original avi file on the pc is complete and there was enough space on the discs.

    Don't know what to do.......
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  • Multiple problems with my burner TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D

    I have been trying to resolve this issue since last year but couldn't find a solution to it yet. I am using Nero 7 to burn my CD, DVD, RW. Rarely, I use Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. Couple of months back nero failed to write CDs, last night it failed to write DVD -RW and now it is failing to erase the...
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  • mgcatfish
    started a topic Burning music DVDs using DVD2one

    Burning music DVDs using DVD2one

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently downloaded DVD2one, and want to use it to burn music DVDs from either .flac or .wav files residing on my laptop.

    When I bring up DVD2one, I select "Remaster your audio collection onto a DVD". This brings up a screen with a tree diagram...
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  • BushRider
    started a topic "... has stopped working"

    "... has stopped working"

    Hi Everybody,
    my problem started with DVD Flick, but it's obviously not a failure of the program itself. I had been using it for months now and it's THE program for my needs regarding DVDs. When I click to open it, I get the Message "DVD Flick has stopped working". I uninstalled and...
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  • anniee
    started a topic DVD Shrink query - please read

    DVD Shrink query - please read

    I've recently started using DVD Shrink and Nero 9 to burn videos to disc. However, I am unable to get DVD Shrink to recognise I have Nero, in order to burn the movies themselves. Nero Vision does not recognise the files DVD Shrink has created so I'm at a loss as to how to complete the process!
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  • lee.edmond
    started a topic Why won't my DVD+R burn

    Why won't my DVD+R burn

    I am new to DVD Flick. I have attempted four times now to take some video files off of one CD (which won't play in my players) and burn them onto a another CD. Flick always tells me that my project has completed. I have tried creating an ISO as well as just burning directly to disc. But I only have...
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