Video transmission, EX-SDI, HD-SDI, etc.

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    • Jan 2020
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    Video transmission, EX-SDI, HD-SDI, etc.

    Hello everyone.

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

    What I'm trying to do:
    I have a camera, ~130 feet of mini RG59 coax, and a monitor/DVR. I need to get 1080p, 60fps live video from the camera to the monitor and DVR. My camera is a 24Z2.1W-10X-EXSDI from Videology which has either an HD-SDI or EX-SDI output. According to the specs, should output 1080p60. I am stuck with the coax and a DVR which has HDMI or HD-SDI inputs, but I have some potential leeway with getting a different camera as long as its not much larger in size and can do 10x zoom or greater.

    What I've tried:
    I tried using a SeeEyes SC-HDR01E to convert the EX-SDI signal to HDMI. However, this was an oversight, because the specs say it will not accept a 1080p60 EX-SDI 1.0 signal as an input. As a result, the picture stopped showing a coherent image when I switched the camera into 1080p60 mode using the OSD. The converter would work with a 1080p60 EX-SDI 2.0 signal, but I couldn't find a zoom block small enough with that output.

    My cable/connectors will pass a 1080p30 HD-SDI signal, but not a 60fps one. The connectors aren't ideal and the cable has high dB losses, so I think I'm constrained to EX-SDI.

    My question:
    Do any of you know of a converter which will accept a 1080p60 EX-SDI 1.0 signal and convert it to something useful, like HD-SDI, 3G-SDI or HDMI? Or, do any of you know of a better way to send a 1080p60 video signal through a high-loss cable?

    I've spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for a solution to this problem.
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